We Asked Students at Centennial Secondary School

While many adults may agree with the old adage that kids are much better seen than heard, you can forgive the folks over at Reid’s Dairy Co. Ltd. in Belleville, Ont., for dismissing the notion as sheer nonsense.

In fact, when the family-operated business recently prepared for a major launch of a new line of milk and juice products, it was a visit to a high-school marketing class at the nearby Centennial Secondary School (CSS) that tapped a flood of fresh ideas on what sort of milk packaging really works among today’s youths and adolescents—one of the most sought-after demographic target groups out there.

“We went to CSS with some packaging ideas and prototypes that we had built and asked the students for their feedback,” recalls Reid’s Dairy president Stephen Quickert, “and not only did they tell us what they liked, they told us what they didn’t like and offered constructive critiques on how to make our packaging better.”

Courtesy of Canadian Packaging Magazine